Here are some of the groups and activities at St. Paul's --- Click on the titles under the photos for more information.


Mission is the work we do when we choose to live out the second half of the great commandment of Jesus: to love our neighbors.


Music plays a very important role in the life of the church. Christian music provides opportunities for healing, unity, comfort, Christian education, joy, prayer, evangelism, and fellowship.

Christian Education

Getting to know God and Jesus, and becoming a thoughtful, caring Christian through Bible-based learning. Christian Education for all ages.


Our purpose is to bring students into the presence of Christ through fellowship, praise, and service, while encouraging each other to reach out to all in a way that is pleasing to God!

St. Paul's UMC Family Ministries

St. Paul's UMC Family Ministries

Capital Campaign

St. Paul's UMC Capital Campaign Information

Give to St. Paul's

Want to donate to the church? There are lots of ways you can help. All donations are tax-deductible.

United Methodist Women

We have an active and supportive UMW at St. Paul's church. We always welcome new members and hope you will consider joining us!

Prayer Chain

To be lifted up in prayer by members of St. Paul's UMC.


We record our services; on the link above you will find recorded services from past weeks.

Green Team

We are trying our best to take care of God's creation. God gave us dominion over the earth and we feel we should take care of it.

Church Officiary

The document link lists the Church Council and all church officiary.

Congregational Care Ministry

St. Paul’s has a number of Caring Ministries which reach out to help others.